In het diepste geheim is gewerkt aan de ontwikkeling van een ambachtelijk speciaalbier van Ouderkerkse bodem met de naam KEK! Blond van kleur, een klein beetje troebel en volle witte schuimkraag! Het perfecte bier voor op een mooie zonnige dag! ONTDEK KEK!

KEK! Peer Ale inspiration

KEK! Pear Ale is unique due to the use of (stewed) pear-syrup. This makes it a special craft beer for the darker periods of the year with a taste you’ve never tasted before. The basis of this beer is the use certain malts, which cause the deep reddish color and malty taste of KEK! Pear ale.

In Great- Britain similar malt-combinations are used in pale ales and English bitters, two beer styles which are closely related. KEK! Pear Ale is stronger in alcohol compared to these two and therefore the English would give it a name like Premium bitter, Special bitter or Strong bitter.

In Ireland exists a beer-style that mainly looking at the color is closest related to KEK! Pear Ale. Irish Red Ales contain largely similar malts as their English counterparts, but they’re adding a bit of roasted malts to it. The caramel malts in combination with these roasted malts give this type of beer his typical reddish color. The color that fits perfectly with the color KEK! Wants to accomplish, a dark- reddish color emit a warm feeling which Dutch people associate with stewed pears in fall and winter-season. Though, apart from the color there are some relevant differences between an Irish red and KEK! Pear Ale. The Irish examples are lower in alcohol and the aroma and bitterness of the hops are pushed far to the background compared to our creative interpretation of this traditional beer-style.

The name Irish Red Ale may sound like a typical Irish show piece, but is actually far behind the famous Irish Stouts (Guinness), Porters and lagers. Although the Irish red is a quite unpopular style in Ireland itself, in America the style is picking up and a lot of American brewers with Irish roots are making own versions of the traditional recipes of their ancestors. American Red Ales are often strongly hopped and are often stronger in alcohol compared to the original Irish ones. Two characteristics which were also two of the main differences compared to KEK! Pear Ale.

Where American brewers retain an own interpretation of the traditional Irish recipe, KEK! chooses a twist from European mainland. KEK! Pear Ale contains mainly Aroma hops from Europe, European malts and typical dutch pears. This distinguishes KEK! Pear Ale from typical American Red Ales. Inspired by different beer styles, KEK! Challenges the status quo by giving a willful twist to the existing. A special and contemporary craft beer with an eye for tradition. This makes KEK! Pear Ale a willful red ale with typical KEK! Charachter.

Traditional Dutch

stroop31314700653KEK! Pear Ale is brewed with the help of (stewed) pear syrup which is made by the Van de Wall family in Limburg, one of the most southern regions of Holland. This biological farmer is one of the last farmers worldwide who understands the art of stoking this special pear-syrup. Since 1975 Puur van de Wall is active in the area of Limburg, where the farmer grows his fruits in a biological way. Thats why Puur van de Wall is officially honored as ‘Hero of Taste in Limburg’.


stroop71314700660The biological fruit is stewed to syrup. During this proces there is nothing added to the syrup.The special races of the fruits, the time of cooking and the right wooden fire are elements that come forth of many, many years of experience and can only be judged by the master himself.


test stroopinbeeld1314700399By adding a little bit of cinnamon and clove the syrup gets its typical Dutch (stoved)pear syrup-taste. This traditional taste is being reinvented by KEK! And original beer with respect for the tradition. This makes the Pear Ale recipe, typical for KEK!


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